Key points of the journey: Novyi Buh town (passage) – Sviato-Mykhailivsky Temple of Sviato-Mykhailivsky Pelageivsky Convent (passage) – artificial waterfall, artificial canyon (passage) — ruins of the Tropins’ former manor estate, Shchorsivsky Park, pendant bridge over the Ingul River (passage) — Taborna cavin, rest time on the equipped glade

Volunteers can take a stroll along the picturesque area of the Inhul river to admire the natural river-bed, green islands and rock outputs.


  • Arrival to Novyi Buh town, meeting of the group by the representative of the administration of Pryingulsky RLP. Agreement of the organizational issues.
  • Sviato-Mykhailivsky Temple of Sviato-Mykhailivsky Pelageivsky Convent is a historic landmark of the beginning of XXth century, the church of inimitable architecture has three altars and twelve domes. It is a pilgrimage shrine and the place of recreation surrounded by picturesque nature.
  • Artificial Canyon is a hidden in the steppe man-made creation with cliffs and rapid waterways.
  • Artificial Waterfall finishes the Artificial Canyon. Crystalline blocks and water magic charm the visitors. This is the biggest artificial waterfall in Mykolaiv oblast.
  • Ruins of the Tropins’ former manor estate – let’s come back to the past on the territory of the former manor house with interesting housekeeping area.
  • Shchorsivsky Park is a unique park with centenary poplars having more than a meter in diameter.
  • Pendant Bridge over the Ingul River is one of visitors’ favourite places to take photos there.
  • Taborna cavin has a picturesque spring and shrub and steppe herbosa. It is a very comfortable place for having rest.
  • Return.

Additional information:

  • The route is suitable both for dry and rainy weather;
  • The route includes visitation of separate objects and the journey on the territory of the park on the ground road;
  • The visitors are to come by their own means of transport (advisable on the minibus) or to notify the administration on the necessity of transportation in good time;
  • The route is suitable for visitors of different age groups;
  • Guide services are compulsory.