Pryingulsky park is rich with picturesque landscapes and outstanding objects. Here you can find attractive places — fast and slow water streams, small waterfalls, areas of virgin steppe, an artificial canyon, granite outcrops, fanciful rocks, a mysterious island in the middle of the pound, forest plantations etc.

The most iteresting for visiting are such places as Devil’s Bridge plateau, Pillar Rock, Stone Chimeras Coast, the Island, Bugaboo Rock, Small Sagaidatski Rapids, Artificial Canyon, Artificial Waterfall, The Tropins’ Estate, Shchorsivsky Park, Pendant Bridge over the Inhul river, Sviato-Mykhailivsky Temple etc.

Devil’s Bridge

Devil’s Bridge is a rocky plateau, raised above the surrounding territory.

Standing on the plateau, you can feast your eyes upon the picturesque view of Sofiivka storage pound, the areas of virgin steppe, the interlacement of the rivers Inhul and Stovpova, you can touch 1.8-2.1-milliard-year-old stones.

Pillar Rock

Pillar Rock (The Rock of Petrified Heroes, Heroes’ Rock, Stone Heroes or Khazar Rock) overpeers the island between the picturesque rivers loops. The contours of several (considered to be seven) petrified strongmen heroes, epical warriors, who protected their motherland from the raids of
conquerors but were turned into a stone by a Khazar sorcerer, can be recognized here. According to the legend the sorcerer has petrified together with the warriors.

The profile of the sorcerer, made by nature of the fragments of seven epical defenders, is located on the top of the rock. The contours are better recognized from the right bank of the Ingul River and from the mouth of the Stovpova River.

Stone Chimeras Coast

Stone Chimeras Coast is a wonderful place similar to the Ghost Valley on the Crimean peninsula. It is formed by strongly eroded crystalline crops.

It is possible to admire for hours those archeiropoitos compositions trying to sight a Fish, a Tortoise, a Seal and a Family of Chimeras on the right bank and a Crocodile, White Fortress and Sleeping Beauty on the left bank. The Geological age of these stones makes about 2 milliards years.

The Island

The Island is located in the middle of Sofiivka storage pound and it appeared after filling of this reservoir in 1967

The Island is made of eroded crystalline outcrops. Its banks are covered with arboreal, shrub and grassy vegetation.

Bugaboo Rock

Bugaboo Rock or Eagle-Owl Rock has somewhat eccentric forms through the structure of its compounds and through the weathering processes. Depending on the visual position, the angle of the sun and richness of the observer’s imagination some extraordinary images can be seen here. Thus, a profile of a man and, higher on a slope, the face of a girl can be sighted from the left bank of Sofiivka storage pound and a woman with long hair can be seen from the right bank of the water reservoir.

Some legends hitherto existing are devoted to this place. The name of the rock, probably, originates from a frightful profile of an enormous man, although there are other legends e.g. about unlucky lovers who drowned there and who frighten people now or about huge eagle-owl that settled on the rock and now yells through the nights with furious voice.

Small Sagaidatski Rapids

These are ledges in a crystalline rock where waters of the Sagaidak River, overcoming small granite plates (rapids), falls down making small waterfalls. This is a beautiful combination of rocks, water and vegetation.

On the right river bank there is a group of stones that resemble prehistoric animals. The dangerous but very interesting for contemplation «live» rock is situated here.

Artificial Canyon

Artificial canyon is a hidden in the steppe construction with cliffs and a rapid stream. It is a part of the active Sofiivka hydroelectric generating complex. Its spillway (new riverbed) was built by the method of explosions. Such method in not widely used for spilling of storm and melting water from storage pounds, that’s why this hydrological complex is unique as a technical object.

After heavy rains or rapid snow melting the dam of Sofiivka storage pound turns into a majestic waterfall. Powerful water stream rushes though the granite canyon. Many tourists come to admire this phenomenon.

Artificial Waterfall

The waterfall completes the artificial canyon. Crystalline blocks and magic of water enchant visitors. This is the biggest artificial waterfall in Mykolaiv oblast’. Its power depends on the spill of water from Sofiivka storage pound.

The waterfall is mostly attractive for contemplation in spring and after heavy rains. In summer, this is a favourite place of swimming and hydromassage.

The Tropins’ Estate

On the territory of the former manor house it is possible to get back to the past. An old building of the beginning of 20th century and its utility rooms require a substantial reconstruction, but still a special atmosphere dominates here. It is not a proud atmosphere but the atmosphere of calmness,
freedom and the past.

In the soviet times the house was used as an office of the collective farm. After 1992 it was diligently robbed: doors and windows were taken out, an oak floor covering was broken away. However a part of the roof covered by the Italian tiles of the beginning of ХХ century was saved.

For the moment the buildings are bought by the local community and given to Pryingulsky Park. The cellar constructed with great quality is restored by the own forces of the park administration; it is very pleasant to spend dinner time here, in non-standard surrounding, far from summer heat. Near the estate there is a park and a pendant bridge.

Shchorsivsky Park

It is a unique park, situated not far away from a former manor house, with centenary poplars (more than a meter in diameter), with maples and mulberry trees that are well preserved.

Nowadays the park is neglected, overgrew with the sprout of acacia and other trees. Basing on the stories of old-timers, researchers consider that this was a park, planted with Gleditschia trees on its perimeter and with poplars along the avenues.

Pendant Bridge

The pendant bridge over the Ingul River is a wooden bridge on the ropes for pedestrian connection of the habitants of Shchorsove and Sofiivka villages.

This bridge arouses admiration of the tourists, being one of few such constructions preserved for present days. It is one of the favourite places of photographing for visitors.

Sviato-Mykhailivsky Temple

Sviato-Mykhailivsky Temple of Sviato-Mykhailivsky Pelageivsky Convent is a pilgrimage shrine and a place of recreation surrounded by picturesque nature. Being a historic landmark of the beginning of XX century, the church of beautiful architecture has three altars and twelve domes.

The construction of the temple was finished in 1904. The church was erected by the brothers Durylin in commemoration of their mother, tragically died. Church service continued till 1932, then till 1986 the temple was used as storehouse due to which it wasn’t destroyed. During the World War II a single shell struck the church, not having caused much damage. Church service recommenced on April 25th, 1992. And in 1996 Sviato-Mykhailivsky Pelageivsky Convent was organized there.

As to its architecture the temple is very similar to Saint Basil’s Cathedral erected on the Red Square in Moscow.