Regional Landscape Park (RLP) Pryingulsky is an object of Nature Reserve Fund Of Ukraine. The park was established by the decision of Mykolaiv oblast council on the territory of 3’152.7 ha on December 17, 2002.

Special administration (the Directorate) of the park was established in 2007. Our main-office is situated in Sofiivka village of Novyi Buh raion.

Pryingulsky park is located in the Inhul (Ingul) river valley on the territory of local councils of Novyi Buh town and Kamyanka, Sofiivka and Rozanivka villages in Novyi Buh raion of Mykolaiv oblast.

Regional landscape park (RLP) is a nature preserving recreational organization.

The principal purpose of Pryingulsky RLP is preservation of the Inhul river valley with its typical and unique natural complexes (fragments of virgin steppe, granite outcrops, waterways and forest plantations).

The main goals of the park are the following:

  • preservation and restoration of natural complexes and their flora and fauna;
  • creation of favourable conditions for tourism and recreation;
  • scientific researching;
  • environmental education.

Sofiivske Water Reservoir hydrological sanctuary and Pelageivsky botanical sanctuary make the part of Pryingulsky RLP without changing their category.

The park is located not far from Novyi Buh town in the direction of Sofiivka village. The nearest cities are Kryvyi Rih — 80 km, Kirovohrad — 85 km, Mykolaiv — 95 km.