Key points of the journey: Novyi Buh town (passage) – Sviato-Mykhailivsky Temple of Sviato-Mykhailivsky Pelageivsky Convent (passage) – Devil’s Bridge Plateau – Pillar Rock, the Stovpova river, upper reaches of Sofiivske water pound (passage) – Stone Chimeras Coast, Hazel-grouse Garden – rest time on the equipped glade.


  • Arrival to Novyi Buh town, meeting of the group by the representative of the administration of Pryingulsky RLP. Agreement of the organizational issues.
  • Sviato-Mykhailivsky Temple of Sviato-Mykhailivsky Pelageivsky Convent is a historic landmark of the beginning of XXth century, the church of inimitable architecture has three altars and twelve domes. It is a pilgrimage shrine and the place of recreation surrounded by picturesque nature.
  • Devil’s Bridge Plateau — a rocky plateau, raised above the surrounding territory. Standing on it you’ll feast your eyes upon a picturesque view of the Sofiivske water pound, the granite outcrops and the areas of virgin steppe.
  • A visit to the Pillar Rock or the Stone Strongmen Rock, which towers on the island in the vivid river stream. If you look attentively you will see the contours of several strongmen, turned into the stones by the sorcerer, as the legend says. You will be fascinated with the scenic valleys of the rivers Inhul and Stovpova.
  • Stone Chimeras Coast is a wonderful place; it is similar to the Ghost Valley on the Crimean peninsula. After the raft trip you will admire this place trying to find fanciful stone conglomerations on the Inhul river side — a Fish, a Turtle, a Seal, a Crocodile, a Sleeping Beauty etc.
  • Hazel Grouse garden, Eagle-Owl Rock. You will see a face of the giant man, standing out against the water. Changing the visual angle you will see a woman’s face or a girl with long hair. You will hear the legends, devoted to this mysterious rock.
  • Rest time on the equipped glade.
  • Return.

Additional information:

  • The route is only suitable for dry weather;
  • The route includes visitation of separate objects and the journey on the territory of the park along the ground road;
  • The visitors are to come on their own means of transport (advisable on the minibus) or to notify about the necessity of transportation in good time;
  • The route is suitable for visitors of different age groups;
  • Guide services are compulsory.