Flora of Pryingulsky park numbers about 600 species of plants, including 20 species listed in the Red Book of Ukraine (according to the second edition of the Red Book of Ukraine), four species listed in the European Red List of Threatened Species, five species included in the World Red List of Threatened Species, one species included in the list of Convention on the Conservation of European Wildlife and Natural Habitats, 12 species included in the Regional list of preservation of Mykolaiv region.

Here, in addition to the typical steppe, meadow-steppe, meadow, forest and rock species there are many Southern Buh coast an Black Sea coast endemics such as Caragana Scythian (Caragana scythica), Greenweed Scythian (Genista scythica), Milk Vetch of Odessa (Astragalus odessana) as well as relict, rare and endangered species of unique phytogenofond. For example, several clumps of relict species Gymnospermium odessanum were found here in recent two years.

In spring various landscape formations are wonderfully decorated with Potentilla arenaria, Aurinia saxatilis, several species of violets, Corydalis solida, Scilla bifolia, Tulipa hypanica, Iris humilis and in summer – with the rainbow mosaic of the motley grass steppe. In autumn the slopes turn red with fruits of hawthorn (Crataegus) and dog rose (Rosa canina), with leaves of gatten-tree (Euonymus europaeus) and barberry (Berberis vulgaris); they turn motley with apricot and ash tree colour gamma. Great amount of medicinal plants also attracts. Majestic stone scatterings are adorned with mosses and lichens from early spring till late autumn.

Only on the territory of RLP, in Tchorsivsky park, in the former estate of the Tropinins you can see aged European ashes (Fraxinus excelsior), elm trees (Ulmus laevis), black locusts (Gleditschia triacanthos) and embrace three together centennial black poplars (Populus nigra).